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The web is splitting in two

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TRAFFIC comes in from both directions, so it makes sense to maintain both types of sites — one that's gossipy and another one that's corporate. When customers get serious, however, they'll gravitate toward your corporate website.

The Biggest Secret

The most powerful forces on the Internet are trying to help you

IS there a worldwide conspiracy to keep your website off Page One on the search-engine results? Far from it. In fact, some of the brightest minds on the planet are toiling away — for free — to refer business to your door. Amazingly, there's a worldwide, global conspiracy to help your business.

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YES, we still have room for a few more clients. Especially now that the speaking engagements are tapering off... and sales have tanked on our most recent album, Open Mic Night at the VFW.

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Advertising On the Internet - How To Utilize the Most Cost-Effective Medium for Mass Selling


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The Web Is Splitting In Two

The Biggest Secret

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