The Internet remains the most cost-effective ways to advertise




FOR a small business that wants to advertise, the Internet is clearly the most affordable of all mass media. For a couple hundred bucks, you can put your product (in full color + a wealth of detailed information) directly in front of a group of people who are literally looking for it. That's quite a bit of advertising power.

The Internet has become The Great Answer Machine. People ask it questions all day long — whether they access it from their office desk, their smart phone, or through their notebook as they pass through a wireless hot-spot. The Internet has become a key player in individual purchase decisions, big and small, and a website is your entree to that marketplace.

If you don't have a website, don't like the one you have now, or just wonder what's involved , our do-it-yourself checklist will walk you through the basics. If you're already using the Internet to advertise, you may want to glance at our section on site enhancements — things you can do to optimize for search engines, extend the visibility of your message, generate more leads and convert more visitors into real customers.

If you're already familiar with other types of mass selling (like print or broadcast) and you're wondering, "How come my radio and TV ads don't work online?" HERE'S the answer.

If you'd like to take a more active role in your company's online advertising, use our Marketing 101 guidelines to see if your existing program is on target. Answer a couple of questions, and you can lay the groundwork for a whole new generation of online advertising that will be more effective than what you may already have in place.

Finally, learn about the costly mistakes you'll want to avoid as you move forward with your plans.

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