Generate More Leads - What you can do to encourage more consumer interaction

DIY Websites



YOU MAY have a website that seems fine, but when you look at the numbers you realize it's not producing very many sales leads. First of all, congratulations. You at least looked at the numbers. Tracking the numbers is the first step toward getting better results. Make your changes and run the numbers again.

MORE LEADS #1: Optimize the visible text on your site so it will capture more search engine traffic. Adjust the meta tags (the code you can't see on the "back side" of the page) to reflect the actual search terms your customers will be using.

MORE LEADS #2: We use a patent-pending lead generation system to create coupons that are physically separate from the page your visitor lands on. On the coupon, we recommend making a specific, numeric offer (X-number of dollars off, etc.) to encourage buyer interest. The idea is to stand out from other suppliers. If you can get the customer to interact, you have placed your business squarely inside his decision-making process and raised the odds that when he buys, he'll buy from you.

MORE LEADS #3: You can recapture traffic that has passed through and moved on. If a customer is looking, the internet can sometimes overload him with information to the point he becomes distracted from his original task. He stops shopping and starts surfing. We use a patent-pending system called SiteEncoreā„¢ to create a new window at the bottom of his stack—a final window that says something like "Still Looking for (Fill in the blank)?". With that additional reminder, you can usher him back to your website, this time with more focus.