Here's One Mistake To Avoid

One Mistake To Avoid#



DON'T picture your website. Picture the people who'll be looking for it. And ask yourself what kind of search terms they'd type into their web browser if they were trying to find you.

A search engine can't "see" your website. No matter how pretty it may be. It can only judge the value of your website based on words — content and referrals, i.e., what your site says, what it says it says, and and who says it's worth looking at.

There's a lot of math in the sifting process, but it all comes down to words, words, words.

So take a really fresh look at your customers. Think of them as a different species. Or alien life forms. Or creatures from another era. See them in a whole new light. The better you're able to do that, the better you'll be able to make a website that'll turn up in their searches.