The biggest secret

The biggest secret


WHEN you get beyond the face of the Internet, there are intricacies you never imagined.

Complexity is so common some people get suspicious.

Is there a trick? A secret?

Why do some things flourish online while others wither away? Is there a worldwide conspiracy to keep your website off Page One?

Far from it.

In fact, rising over the complexity there's a worldwide, global conspiracy to help your business. Some of the brightest minds on the planet are working on it right now. And their goal is to deliver business straight to your doorstep. For free. They're working for the search engines, and their companies live or die based on their ability to return valid search results.

For example, if you typed "custom violin maker" into the search box on Google and you got back two dozen pages about cast-iron cookware, you'd leave Google and try your search on Yahoo, MSN or another search engine. Obviously, Google is not going to let that happen.

So, if you're making violins—if you are a legitimate, honest-to-goodness custom violin-maker with a website—Google has a vested interest in matching up your website with someone who's never heard of you but is trying to find a custom violin maker.

Once you realize that, the question becomes, "How can I help search engines do their job?"

Suddenly, you're cooperating.

Smart move.

Watch illustration by Alan Burns included in the clip art for Xara XTreme