Who maintains your company's social media? A mid-level employee might be your best choice.

Who maintains your social media?


B UILDING a presence in the social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) uncorks the very best kind of advertising — personal referral and recommendation.

The decision to start a Facebook page for your business is usually a no-brainer. But then you have to decide who's going to run it day-to-day.

If not you, then who?

It might be the same people who build your website. But here's the catch: The genius of social media is a built-in "boots on the ground" mentality, the sense that it'll deliver eye-witness immediacy. How can you expect that from people who work in a different building, a different state, or even a different time zone?

You already do expect that kind of insight from your mid-level employees. And that's what gives them the potential to really help you here. Mid-level employees are in the best position to grasp what's happening this very minute in your business, to see what's coming from the bottom-up and the top-down.

Tech talent counts. It might be a salesperson. Or an office worker. But by choosing someone who's physically there, in the building, you get two things — a built-in eyewitness reporter, and a chance to find out what's top-of-mind with your rank-and-file employees.